Introduction to Breast Augmentation

Many women see a small chest as a counter to their femininity, and those who are lacking in this area often indicate that they desire a shapelier body that includes a perkier, more prominent bust. Feeling sexy, feminine, and even more like your age can be driving factors to make you consider Breast Augmentation surgery in Miami, FL. Dr. Michael Keyes understands the psychological discomfort women may experience when it comes to desiring to exude their womanhood and they feel less than womanly. Utilizing his passion for aesthetics and the enhancement of breast augmentation, Dr. Keyes can help you feel less like a prepubescent teen and more like the grown woman you are.

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What is a Breast Augmentation?

Breast Augmentation (a.k.a. augmentation mammoplasty) is an FDA-approved surgical procedure that helps women who are dissatisfied with the contour, size, or fullness of their breasts, or would like to improve breast asymmetry.

There are many important decisions to make when it comes to breast implant surgery that our patients will need to consider, such as using saline implants or silicone implants, but we will be sure to go over all of these decisions during your consultation and discuss the pros and cons of each to help you to make an informed decision.

Types of Breast Implants

Silicone Breast Implants

Silicone gel breast implants are usually softer to the touch and tend to have a more natural feel. The newer silicone gel filler is semi-solid, making the danger of breast implant rupture or leakage significantly lower than older breast implants.

Saline Breast Implants

Saline-filled implants are filled with a sterile saline solution, very similar to the saltwater that’s in the human body. Unlike silicone implants, saline implants can either be pre-filled or filled to their ideal level once they are inserted empty into the breast pocket.

Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation

For patients looking to achieve larger breasts but would prefer a more natural approach, Fat Transfer for Breast Augmentation can be utilized by using the fat cells from their bodies. This technique can provide some lovely, natural-looking results without the dramatic changes that come with traditional implants. After using Liposuction on areas of your body with sufficient excess fat, the cells are purified and then injected into your breasts for additional volume and improved breast shape. Please refer to our Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation page for more information.

Implant profiles

The way your breasts rest after your implant surgery is just as important as the increased size of your breasts. Implant profile types including low, moderate, moderate plus, high, and ultra-high are all discussed with Dr. Keyes during your consultation. He will work closely with you as you discover which degree of projection is best for you.

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Low-profile implants appear relatively flat with minimal projection but are usually wider at the base. Many women look to get moderate-profile implants and above, as low-profile implants are regularly said to have a “pancake” appearance. Low-profile implants are ideal, however, for women with broader chest frames and a full breast width looking for some natural enhancement.


Moderate-profile implants provide standard projection with a wide-based width. They tend to promote the most natural-looking results on a majority of body types, and provide more projection than low-profile implants but don’t project quite as dramatically as high-profile implants. Moderate implants are usually best for women with moderately narrow chests.

Moderate Plus

Moderate Plus-profile implants have slightly higher projection than moderate-profile, but lower projection than high-profile implants. Moderate Plus is ideal for women with a medium chest frame who want slightly more projection. This size tends to be the most popular implant profile as it achieves a “happy medium” in terms of width and projection for average body types.


High-profile implants are very narrow in base width for maximum projection, giving the breast a more rounded appearance and a more prominent silhouette. High-profile implants are great for petite women with narrow chest walls who wish to increase their breast size significantly. The major con of high-profile implants is that while they do provide more dramatic results, they can look less natural on certain patients. The implants are often required to be filled up completely, which also makes the breast much firmer, which can feel uncomfortable and seem less natural.


Ultra-high profile implants provide the narrowest base width and promote the most dramatic projection and fullness to the breasts. This implant profile is ideal for women seeking an extremely voluminous appearance but can look unnatural on certain body types. For this reason, Dr. Keyes is very honest with patients about whether this profile would suit their natural body proportions.

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Implant and incision placement

Since every patient has unique anatomy and personal aesthetic goals, Dr. Keyes can perform a variety of incisions and placement options to naturally match your body type and desires. During your consultation, Dr. Keyes will be able to determine the best placement options for both the implant itself and where he will make the incision to best hide any scarring.

Implants can be placed either behind the breast tissue, subglandular, or behind the pectoralis chest muscles submuscular. Most patients have a submuscular placement because it may reduce the chance of scar tissue contracture and allow for easier mammography, however, a subglandular approach can be better for patients with sagging breasts. Factors that will determine your implant placement include whether the implant is filled with silicone or saline, whether the implant will be placed above or below chest muscles, the size of the implant, the size and shape of the pre-augmentation breast, and more.


Inframammary incision

Also called a crease incision, this is one of the most common incision types. Dr. Keyes will make the opening in the crease below the breast in the inframammary fold, where the breast and the chest wall meet. This approach allows for greater control and extremely precise positioning of the breast implant, however, the main drawback is that this technique does allow the scar to be more visible, especially when lying down.

Periareolar incision

The incision runs around the entire darker outer edge of the nipple (areolar), or a semi-circle on the lower half of the nipple (periareolar), allowing the implant to be inserted through the opening and placed into position. There are numerous benefits to this approach, including small openings, faster healing, and well-concealed or practically invisible scar tissue that blends in with the skin’s color. Unfortunately, this incision will not work for patients who have very small nipples.

Transaxillary incision

The opening is made in the crease of the armpit and is great for women who have not had prior breast enhancement, do not need a breast lift, and prefer a saline implant. After making the incision, Dr. Keyes is able to place the implant into a pocket in the chest wall, and then fill the implant with saline to the prediscussed measurements. While this technique is great for hiding scarring, the armpit can no longer be used for future surgeries.

Each one of these incisions is designed to accommodate an implant while hiding any resulting breast augmentation scars, but keep in mind that not every incision location is available for every type of implant. Dr. Keyes will discuss your options, as well as the pros and cons of each, during your breast augmentation consultation. Your breast augmentation specifics, such as the style and type of implant, will also help determine the best location for an incision.

Additional optional support

With the advancement of technology, comes a new variety of additional options that our Miami patients may add to their implant surgery. We utilize the most current tools and techniques available to ensure gorgeous and long-lasting results time and time again. If you are intrigued by these options, Dr. Keyes will be more than happy to discuss adding these techniques to further enhance your results during your consultation.

The Keller Funnel

The Keller Funnel is an FDA-approved device that assists plastic surgeons to more effectively place silicone gel implants. It looks similar to a frosting bag, with the narrow tip inserted into the incision. The implant is then placed into the Funnel, which transfers it directly from the original packaging. Dr. Keyes then places the pre-filled implant into the breast pocket by gently squeezing the device, and the slippery substance that coats the inside of the Funnel allows the implant to slide into the pocket and the breast.

One of the major perks of this technique is that it requires smaller incisions, which in turn, leads to even less visible scarring and a faster healing time. The nature of this device also allows a no-touch sterile approach, so there is less risk of implant shell contamination, which can lead to infection. The Keller Funnel also has less risk for capsular contracture, which is a common complication from Breast Augmentation surgery when scar tissue forms around the pocket holding the implant.

DuraSorb Mesh

DuraSorb mesh is an innovative material designed to provide a scaffolding or support system during the early stages of healing after surgery. Unlike other surgical meshes (which can remain in the body indefinitely and can be linked to certain problems later in life), DuraSorb is made from bioabsorbable material as the dissolvable sutures. The majority of the exceptionally thin material dissolves after the critical healing phase is complete (about three months post-surgery), and the remaining material is absorbed after about a year. DuraSorb behaves as a hammock, cradling and supporting the new implant during scar tissue formation. After this time, the mesh is no longer needed and will dissolve completely, leaving patients with their new, stunning figure.

Providing structural support during the first months of healing following surgery is crucial and DuraSorb mesh can greatly reduce the risk of certain complications, including implant displacement, Capsular Contracture, additional breast sagging or drooping, and most importantly, unsatisfactory cosmetic results. Some of the additional benefits of using DuraSorb mesh include:

  • Additional support when needed
  • Better breast symmetry
  • Decreased level of scarring
  • Increased pocket control for Dr. Keyes during the procedure
  • More precise, beautiful, natural-looking results
  • More soft tissue support during wound healing

What are the benefits of Breast Augmentation?

Breast Augmentation in Miami can produce some incredible benefits following their procedure, including:

  • Added volume to small breasts: One of the most common concerns of women around the world is the size of their breasts. Breast augmentation allows you to have the exact cup size you want.
  • Clothing fits better: After receiving your implants, you may discover that clothing conforms better to your body, opening up exciting and new possibilities.
  • Immediate and stunning results: Although you will be a little bruised and swollen after your procedure, you can see your results immediately.
  • Improve breast symmetry: If you’re like most people, your body’s not perfect. Breast enhancement surgery can help you achieve perfect symmetry.
  • Improved confidence and self-esteem: Your body’s contour plays a significant role in your self-confidence, which is why so many women regain their self-esteem after getting breast implants.
  • Restores volumes after pregnancy and weight loss: Many women find that after massive weight loss, their breasts are no longer as voluptuous as they once were. This surgery can permanently improve the size of your breasts.
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Who are the best candidates for the Breast Augmentation procedure?

If you are wondering if you are a good candidate for breast augmentation in Miami, FL, you should have at least some of these characteristics:

  • Bothered by the feeling that your breasts are smaller than you’d like
  • Breasts are asymmetrical
  • Dissatisfied with your breasts losing shape and volume after pregnancy, weight loss, or with aging
  • Have realistic expectations
  • Not currently pregnant or breastfeeding
  • No underlying medical conditions

Breast augmentation should only be considered after a patient’s breasts have fully developed, but there is no age limitation for breast surgery later in life, as long as the patient’s health allows it.

What’s the first step?

If you’re interested in getting Breast Augmentation surgery in the Miami area, the first step is to schedule an initial consultation. When you come to Celebrity Plastics for your appointment, Dr. Keyes will evaluate your health and explain which surgical techniques are most appropriate for you, based on the condition of your breasts.

Dr. Keyes will consider your frame and body proportions when determining your breast size because even though large breast implants are what many patients think of when it comes to breast augmentation, smaller breast implants can deliver excellent dramatic results as well. The two of you will also discuss your alternatives, the risks, and the limitations of fat transfer, saline, or silicone implants.

Finally, you will decide on the breast implant placement, your desired cup size, and implant type. We can show you “before and after” photos of actual patients, and even offer you implant sizers, which will allow you to see what you would like with a larger implant size.

Dr. Keyes will compile all of the details to create your surgical plan. Our Patient Coordinator will help you schedule your appointment and provide you with pre-surgery instructions to help make your procedure as successful as possible.

What to expect on the day of Breast Augmentation surgery

Your breast augmentation procedure will vary depending on which type of breast implants you are receiving, but regardless of which one you are getting, we will start your procedure by administering your general anesthesia first to provide you with a more comfortable experience.

For example, the fat transfer method will require more operative time depending on the extent of areas that are liposuctioned, as well as your desired breast size.

After you are sedated, Dr. Keyes will make incisions hidden in your natural creases and folds to minimize visible scarring. Some incision placement options include:

  • In the breast crease (inframammary incision)
  • In the armpit (transaxillary incision)
  • Around the areola (periareolar incision)

Depending on your augmentation, there are a few options for where Dr. Keyes can insert breast implants, most commonly under the pectoral muscle or directly behind the breast tissue, but over the pectoral muscle.

After he is finished with the implant or fat graft, Dr. Keyes will close the incisions using layered sutures in the breast tissue to provide natural breast tissue extra support and close the external breast skin incisions with sutures, skin adhesives, or surgical tape.

The operation should take about one to two hours depending on the techniques used by Dr. Keyes.

Procedure timeline


The first step to getting your breast augmentation surgery is to contact Celebrity Plastics and schedule a consultation through our patient coordinator.


If you’re interested in getting breast augmentation surgery in the Miami area, the first step is to schedule a consultation. When you come to Celebrity Plastics for your appointment, Dr. Keyes will evaluate your health and explain which surgical techniques are most appropriate for you, based on the condition of your breasts. Once cleared by Dr. Keyes you will talk to our Patient Care Coordinator who will pick a surgery date with you after an initial deposit.

Pre-operative preparation

Before your implant surgery, you may be required to get some labwork performed, such as a blood test and an EKG, to ensure that there are no underlying health issues that create unnecessary risks. We do offer these tests at our facility for a small fee. You should also supplement your diet with high-protein shakes in the days leading up to your procedure. You are also strongly encouraged to maintain a healthy lifestyle, which includes quitting smoking and consuming alcohol. You will also need to have your prescriptions filled before your surgical day and bring them in with you.


When you arrive, Dr. Keyes and our Anesthesiologist will speak with you to go over the details with you and answer any lingering questions you may have. Dr. Keyes will also take this time to make any markings he will use as a guide for your procedure before sending you to the Operating Room. The operation should take about one to two hours depending on the techniques used.


After you are released from our care, you will be able to return home and recover comfortably. You can expect some swelling, bruising, and mild pain during your initial recovery, but you will be outfitted with a surgical bra that will add extra support and protection for your healing breasts, as well as help prevent infection. You will need to continue taking your antibiotics until finished, even if you are feeling better, as well as high-protein supplements. This will ensure you recover as successfully as possible. Moving around as much as possible without causing distress is very important as well, with most patients returning to work and other daily duties within seven to 10 days. You should not exercise or perform any strenuous physical activities for up to four weeks.

Post-operative appointments

After your Breast Augmentation, Dr. Keyes will have you return about a week post-surgery so he can monitor your recovery and remove any stitches and bandages. You can expect another appointment about a month or two later, followed by another one three months post-surgery, then again six months later.

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Breast Augmentation recovery

After your Breast Augmentation, you will be kept in a recovery room for a few hours, during which time Dr. Keyes’s staff will closely monitor you. Once released, you will be able to go home at the end of the day, but you should arrange a ride home because you will not be able to drive just yet.

Before leaving the recovery facility, you will be provided with some recovery instructions to make your breast augmentation recovery more tolerable, including following the ERAS protocol. Enhanced recovery after surgery (ERAS) protocols are proven to help with physical recovery after surgical procedures by maintaining organ function and reducing the profound stress response following surgery. The primary components of ERAS include:

Pain Control

Dr. Keyes will prescribe you some scheduled pain medications that he may have you begin taking the night before surgery, or on the day of. Gabapentin is a nerve medication that reduces pain when taken the night before surgery. Opioids can also be used to improve your recovery when taken with the anti-inflammatory medications listed below. Opioids often cause constipation, but taking a stool softener, staying hydrated, and eating fiber can help reduce the chance of constipation.

Nausea prevention

Post-operative nausea is very common after breast surgery, so if you have a history of this, please let Dr. Keyes know ahead of time. A scopolamine patch can be placed behind your ear either the night before or the morning of the surgery. You will need a prescription for this if Dr. Keyes wants you to apply it before you come to the hospital. Most insurance covers this medication. During surgery, you may be given a steroid and/or ondansetron to prevent nausea. If you still have nausea, you may be given ondansetron or another oral anti-nausea medication to take at home. Staying well-hydrated also helps prevent nausea.

Regional anesthesia

Using a local anesthetic like lidocaine will numb the nerves responsible for sensation at the surgery site. This can be done with a block of the nerves before surgery or a long-acting local anesthetic injected at the time of surgery.

Anti-inflammatory medicines

Much like the pain medication you will take, Dr. Keyes will prescribe you medicines before your surgery to help reduce any inflammation caused by surgery. When taken in combination with opioids, they are even more effective than when taken alone.

Reducing surgical infections

Washing with an antibacterial soap before and after surgery may help reduce the risk of a wound infection. You will be thoroughly cleansed in the operating room before surgery begins. Washing hands before and after handling drains and dressings reduces infection. Controlling blood sugars, if diabetic, and quitting smoking before surgery also reduce the risk of infections. You will receive one dose of antibiotics before the surgery begins and your surgeon may prescribe antibiotics while the drain is in place.

Activity after surgery

Getting out of bed the night after surgery is very important, with patients who move early on have less pain and recover faster. You should avoid lifting more than 10 lbs for the first few weeks, but moving your arms and shoulders is important to prevent future stiffness and lymphedema.

You will be able to gradually resume an exercise routine about one week after your breast augmentation, except for chest muscle exercises, which can usually be resumed around six weeks. We encourage you to not rush your recovery by using your pectoralis muscle prematurely because it can lead to potential complications such as displacement of the implant to the sides, fluid collection, or an increased risk of capsular contracture.

Most patients can return to work and other daily duties within seven to 10 days. You should not exercise or perform any strenuous physical activities for up to four weeks. Dr. Keyes will see you regularly to check on your healing progress. He will also show you various ways to massage your breasts so that your implants settle appropriately and give you the natural results you desire.

Dr. Keyes will do his best to ensure any breast augmentation scars are mostly hidden, but the visible ones will naturally fade over time.

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How much does a Breast Augmentation cost in Miami, FL?

The cost of a Breast Augmentation in Miami will vary on numerous factors, including the size, shape, and type of breast implants, as well as the surgical techniques used. The best way to learn how much your procedure will be is to come in for your breast augmentation consultation with Dr. Keyes. After he creates your surgical plan, our Patient Coordinator will be able to use that information to provide you with a complete price breakdown.

Why choose Dr. Keyes?

Michael Keyes, M.D. is a board-eligible plastic surgeon and the founder of Celebrity Plastics, with a combined following of over 370K+. He has been featured in various media publications such as Vogue, Marie Claire, New York Times, USA Today,, and many more. Dr. Keyes is an active member of the Social Media Subcommittee for the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and has spoken about social media & plastic surgery at national meetings around the USA.

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